Examples of My Work

On this page, I’ve collected five examples of my writing. They include one blog entry, three pages that read like blog entries, and a website.

For each example I briefly discuss my approach and intentions. Please scroll to see them all or click one of the links in this list:

Long form copy: Help with hearing aid costs

Blog: Bathroom Renovations

On the left is a screenshot of the email I received requesting the copy. On the right is one of the blogs I wrote. Money and the environment are on everyone’s minds now (like always), so I went with that angle. In the final paragraph, I referred to an interesting article I had read in the NY Times.

Link anchors are long-tail, intended to bring to mind options to consider when renovating a bathroom. I also spaced them evenly for aesthetic appeal and scannability. I wanted to fire up the readers’ imagination and get them thinking about bathroom renovations in a fun way, while also considering the benefits.


Blog/Page: Hemp for Pets

I had no idea that hemp for pets was a “thing” before being assigned this project. My approach involved a lot of research and answering questions that I would have as a pet owner myself. Safety was paramount, so I cited a credible source, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA). I summarized the benefits of CBD in a bullet list and I think it all worked out well. The client ordered several additional pages of copy anyway!

Full Website: Landscaping

I wrote the copy for this page from scratch with minimal information in February, 2021. I used “long-tail anchor text” for internal navigation. For example, instead of simply “About” being a link, I used We’ve been building better backyards in Fort McMurray since 2007 as the link to the About page.

Webpage: Commercial Cladding Repair in Calgary

Commercial Cladding Repair Calgary
What I like about this one is that I linked to the company’s location on Google Maps. My intention was 1) to imply that no matter what business you are in, appearances matter, especially in the internet age, so you need our product, and 2) provide a creative way of saying “Contact Us/Find Us”. Who knows, maybe the Google algorithm likes to be name dropped, too?

Webpage/Blog: Private Investigators

Again, I approached this copy as if I were writing a blog. What are the qualifications for being a PI? Why would I want or need to hire one?

I referred Magnum PI at the start of the copy to get attention, and wrote the page into a “story”. For qualifications I summarized and linked to California’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services webpage. My thinking was “What should I be checking for if I was hiring a PI?”. The result is the 2 ½ years (5,000 hours) of experience in investigative work is necessary to become a licensed private investigator in the state of California link.

The page can be seen here. This is the “what to hire a PI for” section:

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