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I write B2C and B2B digital content, including web pages, blog posts, and landing pages, with a focus on conversion. On occasion I get the opportunity to write full websites as well.

My Process: Typically I am given a keyword, location, and url, and my job is to create 500 words of “SEO content”. I do the research and then craft my copy. I put myself in the place of a perspective customer, answering questions in the copy.

I incorporate keywords and company name into the H1, keywords and location into H2, and use both internal links and quality/authoritative external links. Internal links are intended to build interest in the company and keep the reader on the site. Naturally conversation is always a goal, so the CTA is usually “Contact us…” I often use bullet lists, knowing that most people scan this sort of copy on their phone or other device.

Click on any of the links below for examples of my writing pertaining to that vertical.

I’m Always up for a Fun and Interesting Challenge

I had a project to write copy for a private investigator in the Los Angeles area.

Not knowing anything about the profession, I researched the questions I had, used appropriate links (a Government of California site), indicated a lot of training and professionalism is involved, and outlined why an individual or business would benefit from hiring a PI.

To make the copy more ready and more of a story, I referenced Magnum P.I. without saying the name. Below is a screenshot of the page I wrote for Private Investigators in LA:

I wrote several more pages for the same client, including one optimized for Security Guards in LA that turned out well. I had scannability in mind as always, which meant including keywords in H2s, using long-tail links, and incorporating bullet lists. Here’s how it looks:

Plumbing & Heating

Outdoor Living

Turn on your wood pellet grill and check out some of my “quality of life” sites while dinner cooks.

Swimming Pools

Landscaping & Snow Removal


I wrote a website for an electrician company called Lights Please! from scratch and then later added 3 pages of paid SEO content. It’s been live for about 2 years, which is an eternity in the online world, and really cool. At the same time, I hope my writing is even better now. 😉

The project called for the typical Home/About/Services pages, and you can see them below. When I write one of the things I consider is how the words will look on the page. The builder did a great job interpreting my copy and I think the site looks great.

You can see how I break up my copy into scannable, digestible chunks, place bullet lists and links, and how I craft headings.

Landing Pages

4 B2B landing pages for scale sales in SW Ontario (new)


Commercial Cladding Repair Calgary
What I like about this one is that I linked to the company’s location on Google Maps. My intention was 1) to imply that no matter what business you are in, appearances matter, especially in the internet age, so you need our product, and 2) provide a creative way of saying “Contact Us/Find Us”. Who knows, maybe the Google algorithm likes to be name dropped, too?

Other B2B examples:
2 B2B Pages for a Commercial Painter in Cornwall (new)

Home Repair & Renovations

Blog Posts

I have fun writing blogs. It’s a chance to break free a little bit and be more forward-looking and topical. Of course the point of a blog post is to engage the reader and improve conversion.

In Bathroom Renovations: Is It the Right Time to Go Green? I was topical, addressing water conservation, the environment, and saving money. At the end I mentioned a fun article I had read in the NY Times about repurposing old bathroom fixtures and going retro. A usual I used long-tail links to help with scanning, UX, and SEO.

Full Websites


Circle Shoes (a site with legs – I write the copy for this site close to a decade ago!)

Health & Wellness

New Additions

  • Framing Contractors in Arnprior (web page)
    I discovered “Advanced Framing Techniques” while researching for this project. It is an interesting building method that is more sustainable and can also save on HVAC costs so I included that information. I made really long links to try to add strength to the keywords and highlight benefits. I also included a link to a Bob Vila webpage, who is synonymous with home construction.

  • Decks in Edmonton (web page)
    I got the impression that the client specializes in deck railings, and that seemed to me like an avenue for growth in the deck industry. My line of thinking was “You’re using your deck more these days, why not upgrade it?”

    I like “Prime deck season in Edmonton…” for several reasons. It kind of conjures up the classic cartoon “duck season/rabbit season”, includes the keywords, links to a trusted source, and is fun. I’m also happy with the H2 “Railings Are like “Icing on the Cake” for Your Deck in Edmonton”. Positive images and thoughts for deck life.

  • SGI Arbitrator in Regina (web page)
    I had no idea what an SGI Arbitrator is or that Saskatchewan has different auto insurance rules than Ontario before beginning this project. My approach was to learn these things then teach them back in the copy. Not all my copy was used but I think it is a good looking page with good information.

  • Professional Movers in St. Augustine (web page)
    I had a bit of fun with this one. Since they are in Florida, and Floridians are football crazy, I imagined the movers as a football team and threw in the name “Tom Brady” for extra effect.

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