Dick Cavett meets Salvador Dali

(i put this post together after watching a clip of Salvador Dali on Dick Cavett’s old talk show. Other guests on the show that night were Lillian Gish and Satchel Paige. If you decide to watch the video, i suggest watching it at 0.25 speed.) sometimes your spine turns into a gummi snake, and yourContinue reading “Dick Cavett meets Salvador Dali”

ChatGPT answers your burning Rock and Roll questions!

In this blog post I will have ChatGPT answer some age-old questions poised by rock and roll. I’ll ask IT about songs by The Beatles, The Who, The Clash, The Police, and others. Why do an AI-powered interview? Well, I’ve always enjoyed longform interviews, be it the PBS variety of everything from Firing Line toContinue reading “ChatGPT answers your burning Rock and Roll questions!”

ChatGPT writes a blog post based on a LinkedIn post

Like many people, I am fascinated by ChatGPT. It entertains and amazes me. It* also inspires me and saves a LOT of time. For fun, I asked it* to write a blog post based on the LinkedIn post that can be seen above. The blog post that ChatGPT created is below. I hope some peopleContinue reading “ChatGPT writes a blog post based on a LinkedIn post”

A Painting by Asa Letourneau

Where are the black scientists?

The use of white space can be seen as a middle finger salute to science. Either that or a way of saying science is far too white. The original Nutty Professor, Carl Sagan, Bill Nye, Einstein, Dr. Strangelove, Stephen Hawking, Dr. Frank N. Furter… …all of ’em white men, with their whiteness serving as the frame and context for how they see the world, and for which they create science.

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Painting with John: Preparation

In a normal year, baseball players would be reporting to spring training right about now. It’s a magical time of year, and I’ve always dreamed about heading down to Lakeland, Florida to see Detroit Tigers legends such as Mort Crim, Bill Bonds, and “the MFIC“1 up close and in-person. Just typing these words has theContinue reading “Painting with John: Preparation”

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11 Freedom Convoy Stories You May Have Missed

Before we get started please allow me to give thanks to David Letterman and The Onion for inspiration. Also, it might be a good idea to listen to Gridlock by Electric Six while catching up on “the news”. Stay Safe. 11 Michigan Governor Offers Free Red Wings Tickets to Any Truckers Who Leave the ProtestContinue reading “11 Freedom Convoy Stories You May Have Missed”

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RE: Writer Perry King sees Toronto through community sports

The following is a kneejerk response to an article I recently read. The article’s purpose was to promote a book written by a local author, which is great. It also triggered me in a good way, which is also great. I’ve checked the ebook out of Toronto Public Library and maybe I will post againContinue reading “RE: Writer Perry King sees Toronto through community sports”

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