Dick Cavett meets Salvador Dali

(i put this post together after watching a clip of Salvador Dali on Dick Cavett’s old talk show. Other guests on the show that night were Lillian Gish and Satchel Paige. If you decide to watch the video, i suggest watching it at 0.25 speed.) sometimes your spine turns into a gummi snake, and your…

ChatGPT answers your burning Rock and Roll questions!

In this blog post I will have ChatGPT answer some age-old questions poised by rock and roll. I’ll ask IT about songs by The Beatles, The Who, The Clash, The Police, and others. Why do an AI-powered interview? Well, I’ve always enjoyed longform interviews, be it the PBS variety of everything from Firing Line to…

ChatGPT writes a blog post based on a LinkedIn post

Like many people, I am fascinated by ChatGPT. It entertains and amazes me. It* also inspires me and saves a LOT of time. For fun, I asked it* to write a blog post based on the LinkedIn post that can be seen above. The blog post that ChatGPT created is below. I hope some people…


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Perry in front of William Burroughs’ Bunker
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