Tourism built back. Better?

Fact: The Tourism Industry is in serious trouble because of the pandemic.
Fact: People are curious and want to explore. Let’s enable them.
Fact: The vast majority Americans want to receive a vaccination.
Fact: Millennials value experiences. Let’s give them one.

You can see where I am going, can’t you?

Why not combine vaccinations with vacations? This will help to speed up vaccine distribution and kick start the tourism industry. Please allow me to introduce Vaccincations™, brought to you by Tourism Reimagined©.

Vaccincations™ offer a once in a lifetime opportunity to get your COVID-19 vaccine shot(s) at socially and historically important sites, locations where shootings and life-altering events took place.

Turn that frown upside down – visit a “life chamber”
Why stop at taking down statues and changing the names of places named for Confederates and other personae non gratae? We can repurpose death chambers as life chambers! Being sent to the chair can become a good thing!

Vaccincations™ allows you and your family to sit in the precise spot where so many received their life-ending shots. Instead of life-ending injections, receive your life-saving shot! Simply roll up your sleeve and rewrite history.

You’ll get the chair for this! is now something everyone in your family wants to hear!

Get vaccinated where JFK got assassinated!
Medical professionals tell us that being outdoors is safer than being indoors, so why not take the plunge on a certain grassy knoll in Dallas? There’s plenty of room to socially distance at beautiful Dealey Plaza! And how about a second shot* while you visit the book depository? Join the motorcade so you can get back to speeding on with your life!

Open our schools up again, for safety!
Are you a thrill seeker? Into the adrenaline rush of extreme sports? Intrigued by confinement and escape rooms? Why not experience what so many of our school children have: a life-or-death situation right in those same hallways and classrooms.

Tourism Reimagined© allows you to experience the thrill of a mass shooting through the innocence of a child’s eyes as you get inoculated. And don’t worry if Columbine or Sandy Hook isn’t right for you. With 47 of the continental states having experienced a school shooting, there is an “inocucation” experience that is right for you, whether it is just down the block or across the country.

You will like Mondays again when you trust us to plan your Vaccincation™.  

But were those echoes of Eddy Vedder singing Jeremy in the hallway real or imagined? That’s entirely up to you to decide.

Seeking a more traditional experience? DO go postal!
In an effort to stamp out the pandemic, we are now happy to offer inoculation experiences inside actual US Post Offices that have been the scenes of shootings.

Take in the sights and sounds as you experience mail being sorted. Then a nurse in a US Post uniform approaches with a box of artisanal donuts in their hands. Feel your adrenaline rush as if you are riding a rollercoaster, as you watch your nurse opening their box, wondering if it contains a syringe or a sidearm.

Then relax as the spike goes into your arm, and the vaccine starts coursing through your veins. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with the plunge of a syringe. Surely, this is as close to becoming Lou Reed as you will ever experience.

At Tourism Reimagined© love wins, science wins, and YOU win!

* second shot experience availability dependent upon which vaccine is available at time of experience.

photo by @dimhou

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