Dick Cavett meets Salvador Dali

(i put this post together after watching a clip of Salvador Dali on Dick Cavett’s old talk show. Other guests on the show that night were Lillian Gish and Satchel Paige. If you decide to watch the video, i suggest watching it at 0.25 speed.)

sometimes your spine turns into a gummi snake, and your wristwatch a soft-boiled egg
you find it impossible to bleed, but your eyes weep strands of spaghetti

you realize you forgot to pick up the kids from school after your parents left you stranded
they had a few pogo sticks to test drive, and you refused to be in the same time zone

rain begins to fall, and your park bench begins to devour you,
it melts like tissue paper with every drop of rain

a ring of daisies sings a song about their favourite praying mantis,
and ice cream cones on trampolines sell frozen cyclists

the sun coughs and backfires as it goes down, and your hair follicles sing the national anthem
a long line of attorneys in religious rock-climbing gear refuse to comment as they parade by(e)

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