Gerrard India Bazaar – Toronto’s Little India

My friend Seamus and I made plans to meet on the last Saturday of July in 2021 to tilt a couple of drink and make actual human contact before the next wave locks us down again. Seamus had discovered a very promising looking location called Eulalie’s Corner Store on Gerrard Street in Toronto’s Little India.

It’s a fantastic part of town officially known as Gerrard India Bazaar and “the largest main street marketplace of South Asian goods and services in North America”.

As luck would have it, a couple of “happy little accidents” happened. Seamus was running a little late, and I was a little early. Hello discovering opportunity!

Fun, Inviting, and Beautiful Patios!

There’s an amazing atmosphere in Gerrard India Bazaar, at once happy, inviting, hopeful, and fun. It immediately felt like home when I stepped off the 506 Streetcar at Gerrard and Coxwell. I was having a GREAT time even before spending any money, and I also noticed lots of parking, so get over there ASAP.

AMAZING Street Art!

Take a little trip…

Too much colour?

Not enough colour?

How about a portrait?

Next time visit Gerrard India Bazaar I will be sampling some of the many tempting street food options. See you then.


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